Why Hard Water Is Not Preferred

Minerals in your water can cause many issues within your home. While hard water may be fine to drink, it is typically not healthy for your hair and skin. Some of these issues are of no real consequence, but some of these issues may require attention by professional plumbers.

Your hair:

  • Never feels clean
  • Loses its shine
  • Dries out and can cause dandruff

Your skin:

  • Dries out quickly
  • Feels sticky
  • Children may develop eczema

Washing clothes in hard water can ruin the fabric over time by breaking it down. Washing in soft water may leave a residue of detergent within the fibers. Again, it’s important to find a middle ground if you want to have clean clothes without damage.

Hard water can cause build-up in your pipes that you don’t notice until they begin to back up. These mineral deposits must be flushed out by a plumber to prevent damage to your pipes. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize that this build up is taking place until real problems occur. The simple installation of a water softening system will counteract this scale build-up, and reduce (if not obliterate) the negative effects of hard water.