When most people think about chlorine, they usually think of swimming pools and that unmistakable smell that takes them back to summer days gone by. But did you know that the same chemical element is found in residential water that flows through most faucets and the lines that run to showers and appliances in homes all across America? While most people appreciate what chlorine can do in a swimming pool, they probably don’t want to know what it does to their health. Chlorine doesn’t just produce an unpleasant odor, but it also can also cause serious health risks. In fact, there are reports linking chlorine to certain types of cancers.

In addition to exposing most Americans to the risk of developing cancer, the chlorine that goes through washing machines speeds up the wear and deterioration of clothing and causes colors to fade 50% faster and fall apart 33% faster than they do when they are washed with water not containing chlorine.

Fortunately, those who want to limit their exposure to this dangerous chemical can do so by purchasing a whole house water filter. Whole house water filters can protect our health by eliminating cancer causing vapor in the air during showers and baths, and it can also help to keep our clothes looking newer much longer.  With various health and economic benefits associated with using whole house water filters, it is clear that your home, health, and your clothes deserve better than the potentially dangerous water currently flowing from your pipes.